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Little Woolly Things Podcast: episode one- episode oneWell, I did it!  Episode number one of the Little Woolly Things podcast is uploading to YouTube as I type.  It has been a very long time in coming.  This is actually Take #2 of episode one.  I recorded an entire podcast episode a few weeks ago and then watched myself on camera.  Ugh.  I almost uploaded it just because I had taken the time to record it AND edit it AND create an opening title sequence, but then I decided that I was not and would never be happy with the quality of that recording, so I saved it to my external hard drive for my own reference (mostly of what not to do) and determined not to show it to anyone else.  Ever.

Curling edges tackled in this week's Little Woolly Things podcast episode
Curling edges in stockinette stitch – one of the problems that I mentioned in the podcast (and how to fix it).

But this podcast episode, the one that I recorded this morning, I am actually excited to share with you.  I stumbled over my words a few times, but that’s just me, so I left it in there.  Well, mostly.  Anyway, I am looking forward to sharing some of my knitting thoughts with you, giving you a bit of a sneak peek at some of my upcoming designs and maybe throwing in a giveaway every once in a while.  There *may* have been mention of giving away a small bag of freshly roasted coffee beans in the near future.  Subscribe to my YouTube podcast so you don’t miss out!

I also have a couple of knitting tutorial videos on YouTube.  One is a companion tutorial to my Gypsy Caravan Shawl pattern, so if you are working your way through this design, you might want to check it out.  It’s right here:

And please leave comments.  The whole point of this venture is to make knitting/crocheting/crafting friends, so ask me questions, tell me what you liked in the podcast, share your thoughts.  I’d love to get to know you better.

Here are the photos that I promised to insert into the podcast video and then forgot about:

This is how I MacGyvered the sleeve edging for my Summer top. Knitting fix.
This is how I MacGyvered the sleeve edging for my Summer top.
MacGyvered edging: front side.
MacGyvered edging, front side.


And here are the show notes from podcast episode one:

Little Woolly Things Podcast: Episode 1

Coffee Beans: Mexico Oaxaca, roasted on June 24, 2017 to a Full City + roast.

New Discoveries: KirbyWirby Afterthought Heel

Podcasts mentioned: Relatively Crafty  and  Sunshine and Bubblegum

KAL group: Slow A$$ Knitters Club on Ravelry

WIPS: Blake’s cardigan in Knit Picks Felici Cheer
Grey/Black shawl (still needs a design name) in Knit Picks Stroll Tonal Train Station and City Tweed Tahitian Pearl

FOs: Summer Top (also still in need of a design name)

Books mentioned: Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss
Warm Days, Cool Knits by Corrina Ferguson

Gypsy Caravan Shawl was published in March, 2017 (Not as long ago as I thought)

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4 Replies to “Little Woolly Things Podcast on YouTube!”

  1. Awesome job!

    I started watching and unusually enough, Titof sat down and watched with me (he loves to knit, but usually he’s not into following podcasts), so that’s two new fans for you.

    Tof asks if you can tell us how you make cold brew coffee please, as he wants to try it.

    1. …boo – the thing sent too soon. Sorry.

      Was also going to say, the one thing that might make the vlog even better: Your voice is so gentle. As you get used to it, you might find a little more level when you speak is helpful. Picking up from where you were talking about baby’s finished piece, Debbie Bliss’ Baby Knits and the slow a$$ knitters, that sounds pretty good for a minimum volume. When you were talking about your summer too, that was a good, comfy volume, but I noticed when you stood up, we lost you a little. My suspicion is, your mic is pretty sensitive directionally, so it’ll possibly take a few goes to catch the sweetspot. One thing that might help, if you have a spare ringbinder lying around anywhere, try standing it open behind your mic and directional to help catch your voice.

      Keep going. This is an awesome addition to your brand (& you know about Patreon, right?). 😉

      Hope this helps!


      1. Gosh I can’t get it right today! Meant for that to say: ‘aim it in the direction to catch your voice’.

        1. Thanks for all of the pointers, D! I will keep them all in mind – and I will tell you all about my cold brew coffee method, too. Thanks for asking!

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