A bit out of character

I have just done something that may seem to be completely out of character.  I just finished a new design with a rather, umm, risque sort of theme.  Now, before I show you a sneak peek, I think this might require a little bit of explanation.

It all began in the UK one day in late February.  It began with a yarn dyer you may have heard of,  Countess Ablaze.  She was treated in a demeaning and disrespectful manner by someone who claimed to be organizing a “charity event.” You can read about it in her own colorful words here.  Don’t click on that link if you are offended by expletives and “colorful metaphores.”

So, rather than perpetuating the vile negativity, the Countess decided to dye two colorways inspired by the situation and donate a portion of the sales to  Women’s Aid, a UK charity that helps women to escape domestic violence.  What a great way to take something negative and turn it into a way to help out someone in need, to do something wonderful for another human being.

The saga does continue, but I won’t retell the whole story.  Suffice it to say that the Countess has expanded this concept into a worldwide collaboration called the Tits Out Collective.  There are, as of the moment I am writing, 783 posts on Instagram with the hashtag #titsoutcollective.  Yarn dyers are dying their own versions of the original colorway, designers are releasing patterns as a part of the collaboration, project bag and notions makers are getting involved, and the sales of every single item in the collective will include a donation to the charity of each maker’s choice.  Countess Ablaze will host a photo gallery of all the participants which will go live on Sunday 1st July 2018 at   www.countessablaze.com

So, that’s the scoop.  I will be donating $3 from each sale of my pattern to Shepherd’s Door, which is part of the Portland Rescue Mission.

From their website:

Shepherd’s Door is a community of single women and women with children (ages 10 and under) who participate in New Life Ministries at Portland Rescue Mission. At Shepherd’s Door, you’ll find a sanctuary of peace and security as you move into a healthy lifestyle while dealing with the pain of addiction and previous choices. You (and your children) will learn basic life skills, as well as develop an understanding of how to make a total life change, restoring relationships, and living in freedom!

Shepherd’s Door has developed an outstanding relationship with the Department of Human Services, and we work diligently with the courts to provide you with significant opportunities to learn strong parenting skills in a loosely supervised environment.

If you are seeking freedom from addiction, a rich relationship with God and a group of women to walk this journey with, consider applying for an interview at Shepherd’s Door. Our faith is the strongest component of complete life healing. Come walk this journey with other women who have found their hope and healing through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

So, do you want to see my design?  Or should I make you wait until July 1 to see it?  Ok, I’ll show you but remember, it won’t be for sale until the worldwide launch July 1.  Here you go.

Exposure Scarf #titsoutcollective

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